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Vegan Sushi

You don't have to miss out on delicious sushi rolls just because you decided to go vegan. I made 5 different rolls (they are all very similar). You can add whatever you want in your rolls, these are just my favourite ones and I hope you'll like them too!

Vegan Sushi Rolls🍣

Roll 1: Cucumber & Avocado

Roll 2: Carrot "salmon", cucumber, avocado

Roll 3: Avocado, vegan "fish", cucumber

Roll 4: Avocado, red pepper, vegan "fish"

Roll 5: Vegan "fish", avocado, cucumber

Alternative filling:

Fried tofu

Panko fried aubergine


Sweet potato slices

Spring onions


Here's how you can make vegan smoked "salmon"👇


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